‘Street life, it’s the only life I know.’ In this uptempo party piece, xerox, paint and found-sound montage in with Curtis Mayfield, moving on up into fragmented experience.

‘Two years in five minutes… How old are you?’ Employing a montage of xeroxed images, paintings and sound, Jukebox is a personal journey through fragmented experience. Produced in 1994 with funding from the Arts Council and Channel 4/animate! scheme, this was Run’s first commissioned short post RCA.

Additional Info

This is the first outing for Run's character 'Meat head' who makes appearances throughout his career, culminating in a film piece 'Meat Street' that Run worked on in the last year of his life.


4th March 2015


short film

animate!, Arts Council, curtis mayfield, found imagery, meat head, montage, paint, RCA, xerox