Meat Street

Meat Street

After the success of Rabbit, Run wanted to create a longer feature length narrative film or a series and began writing a script. Using the character ‘meathead’ (that he had invented whilst still at Chealsea School of Art – see intro film ‘Public Meat’ on the home page for more meathead madness) as the basis for a black comedy, he started work on a pilot, to demonstrate potential storylines and to introduce the characters. This script went through many variations, but in the end resulted in these two pilots.

Working with his agent Joe Phillips at Curtis Brown, they had only just got started taking the idea to market, when Run was diagnosed with cancer and sadly the project had to be left unfinished.

However, this personal project brought him great satisfaction and was the subject of many late night discussions on how far he could push his script but still keep it within the realms of a commercial and relatable piece. You decide!


15th June 2015


short film

curtis brown, meat head, meathead, pilot, script, tv